Man Chases Down Erratic Highway Driver: 'The Only Thing in My Mind Was to Stop This Lady'

A motorist rushed to stop a woman who was weaving in and out on an Ohio highway, and caught the dramatic chase on camera.

A man took some extraordinary steps to stop a woman who was driving erratically on an Ohio highway.

Sam Haynes, who filmed the incident, called cops when he saw the woman driving on the highway and followed her in his own car.

“What the f*** are you doing?” he is heard saying to her on the video. “Stop the car!”

Speaking to a 911 dispatcher, he said: "Lady's about to kill somebody."

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The woman drove onto the grass, and Haynes blasted his horn as she steered back onto the highway.

“If there's somebody I can potentially stop from hurting someone, I'll do whatever it takes,” he told INSIDE EDITION of the incident. "The only thing that was [going] through my mind was to stop this lady."

When she came to a stop, Haynes ran to her window and asked her if she was okay.

She responded: “I'm fine, it's just …Oh my goodness, I am so sorry.”

Shortly after he turned his camera off, she passed out, he said.

“Her head went to the steering wheel. When the cops showed up, they had to shake her to wake her up,” he said.

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The woman, identified as Sandra Harris, was charged with DUI.

Haynes had a good reason to be so aggressive in his pursuit. His sister is now confined to a wheelchair after she was hit in a serious traffic accident six years ago.

“She's not gonna walk any more. Really don't want to see that happen to anybody else,” he told her.

“That has stayed with me every day,” he told IE. 

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