Nanny Cam Nightmare

A nanny was sentenced to eight years in prison after being caught on a nanny cam abusing a baby boy to the horror of the parents. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

It's one of the most harrowing nanny cam videos ever seen.

A hidden camera was recording as the babysitter deliberately threw a ball at an 11-month-old boy, right into his head. She also threw a sock at the little boy. There is much worse on the video too.

Amanda Hammock and her husband Charles installed the hidden camera after they noticed the toddler had a black eye. They were horrified when they reviewed the video.

When the nanny appeared in court on child-abuse charges, Amanda struggled to contain her emotions.  She said, "Every time we sit down in our living room, that video replays over and over in our heads, questioning what you might have done to him in another room where there wasn't a camera."

The nanny, Jeannine Campbell, blamed menopause for her actions. But Amanda had little time for that argument.

"Just imagine that this malicious attack had happend to your baby. That it was your baby in that video. And tell me whether the sorry excuse of menopause, hormonal changes or depression would be enough," said Amanda.

The nanny's chains clinked as she walked to the witness stand in Jacksonville, Florida. She apologized repeatedly.

"My heart is screaming every day," said Campbell.

But the judge sentenced her to eight years in prison. Outside court, Amanda and Charles had this reaction:

"I am glad to hear that she will not be hurting any other kids," Charles said.

"Learn a lesson from this. No matter how much you trust the person watching your kids, make sure you take every precaution and put in those nanny cams," said Amanda.