Puppy Who Had Broken Paw Amputated Gets New Prosthetic Foot and a Second Chance at Life

Rosie, a Great Dane, faced being put down after her foot became infected but now a shelter has given her a second chance at life.

puppy who faced being euthanized after her paw became infected is now getting a new prosthetic foot – and a second chance at life.

Rosie, a Great Dane, was just two weeks old when her mother stepped on her foot, breaking it. After the paw became infected, her breeder was going to euthanize her – but Big Hearts for Big Dogs Rescue in Florida stepped in.

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The shelter started raising money for Rosie's care and she had her foot amputated.

The Hanger Clinic, a company that makes prosthetics for humans, then offered to provide a new limb for the pup.

The clinic had previously built a dolphin a prosthetic tale, which inspired the movie Dolphin Tail, but had never worked with a dog. They were looking for suitable dogs when they came across Rosie.

After several prototypes, Rosie is getting used to her new foot, which will expand as she grows.

Trinity, the West Coast director for Big Hearts for Big Dogs Rescue, told INSIDE EDITION that since receiving the new limb, Rosie’s personality has changed.

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“Without it she is almost depressed and doesn't even want to try to walk,” Trinity said. “With it she is an amazing, normal puppy. It is mind blowing.”

Rosie is now up for adoption and looking for a new home, Trinity said.

If you’d like to find out more about Big Hearts for Big Dogs Rescue, check out their website here.

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