Late Night Comics Turn on Obama

The late night comics have recently turned on President Obama, slamming him for everything from taking a vacation to redecorating the Oval Office. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

Meet President Obama's most outspoken new critics. No, not Sarah Palin or Glenn Beck. Try David Letterman, Jay Leno, and Jimmy Kimmel. 

"The President has been busy, he redecorated the Oval Office and then took another two-week vacation," joked David Letterman.

"President Bush said he spent the last 19 months relaxing playing golf. President Obama said, 'You too?,' " joked Leno.

The late night comics have been busy blasting the president for everything, from redecorating the Oval Office to swimming in the oil-ravaged Gulf of Mexico to taking several vacations over the summer.

Leno referred to President Obama's clear desk during one of his speeches, saying, "There's nothing on his desk. He's the President of the United States! Look like you're doing something."

Kimmel referred to a picture of President Obama swimming with his daughter Sasha in the Gulf, and said, "This is him, 'You don't believe the water's clean? How about I pull my 9-year-old daughter into it?' "
David Letterman's Top 10 list was, "Things Never Before Said in an Oval Office Address," and began with "#10: Gotta keep this short because I'm going on another vacation."

Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert even managed to find humor in the Commander-in-Chief's announcement about the end of combat in Iraq, referring to President Obama's quote, "As promised and on schedule."

Colber joked, "As promised and on schedule? That's not a declaration of victory. That's a pizza delivery slogan."

Andy Barr of said, "Comics, like pundits, see an easy target when there is one. These guys watch the ratings as close as anyone else. They're embattled and they know the President is not popular right now."

The President is spending Labor Day Weekend at the presidential retreat at Camp David, likely to fuel another zinger like this one from Letterman:

"Since he's been in office this is his sixth vacation. He'll have plenty of time for vacations when his one term is up!"