Watch This Guy Pass The Time at IKEA By Annoying His Girlfriend With Furniture Puns

One guy wanted to make his dreaded trip to IKEA a bit more bearable and poked fun at the Swedish names in the store.

After Simon Gilmore and his girlfriend, Dana, moved in together, they made the unavoidable trip to IKEA.

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But rather than bemoan the task, Simon saw an opportunity for some fun.

The Australian man created puns based on the Swedish names for the furniture - and caught Dana's annoyed reactions on camera.

In one instance, he found a product named “Bladis” and crafted the gag: “Dana have you seen the toilet? My Bladis full."

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She doesn't seem too enthused with his ridiculous puns but he writes on YouTube that he figured out how to get through the store as quickly as possible - while having a little fun.

And it's all good training for living together. If they managed to survive IKEA - and Simon’s jokes - they will surely survive anything.

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