Phil Spector Still Producing Behind Bars

INSIDE EDITION talks to the recording artist whose new record was produced by the infamous Phil Spector--while he is in prison for murder.

This pretty singer is out with her debut CD, but who produced it will shock you. It's none other than convicted killer Phil Spector.

 The legendary music maker, responsible for hits by Tina Turner and The Beatles, is in California's tough Corcoran state prison for the 2003 murder of actress Lana Clarkson.

The singer is Rachelle Spector, Phil Spector's wife.

Her album is called "Out of My Chelle," and she's even got her own music video.

But the question is, should a convicted killer be allowed to oversee his wife's music career from behind bars?

 29-year-old Rachelle doesn't seem fazed by the controversy, and stands by her notorious husband and producer.

"That's what marriage is. It's for better or for worse," said Rachelle.