These Newlyweds Created An Epic Music Video in One Take With Their 250 Wedding Guests

During their wedding, a bride and groom had the grand idea of creating a music video with all of their wedding guests.

This couple surprised their 250 wedding guests with a night of activities - but they saved the best for last.

Robert and Teresa's friends and family were given the task of helping them make a music video in just one take at a restaurant.

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Teresa told INSIDE EDITION: “We wanted our guests to have fun so even if we messed up, we would have probably still used the video. One take is all you need to pull off the surprise and have a great time.”

Each person in their bridal party was in charge of a song and section and everyone joined in for an epic dance party filled with everyone's favorite songs.

The couple, who have been together more than seven years and own a ninja-themed sushi restaurant in Florida, tell INSIDE EDITION that they wanted to get all their guests involved in their big day.

Earlier in the night, they gave each table a manila envelope with a "secret mission" - which asked guests to take group selfies, drink champagne and devise group chants. The final mission of the night was to take part in the group dance.

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“We did the music video purely to entertain our guests and get them all involved," Teresa said. "We didn't want to do a typical dance with just the bridal party, we wanted to include ALL our guests."

Teresa explained that although she is seen wearing blue in the video, she wore a white wedding gown earlier in the night before changing into an evening dress.

Of the dance, she added: "We knew it was going to be EPIC and we knew it was the ultimate surprise. I mean, who makes a music video with all their guests at a wedding? We love fun and we wanted our guests to have fun too!"

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