Alleged Teen Victim Leaves Court in Tears as Accused Prep School Rapist Testifies

Owen Labrie took the stand as the defense's first witness in his rape trial.

The former prep school student accused of sexually assaulting a freshman has finally taking the stand in his trial.

Owen Labrie, 19, told jurors that he and his alleged victim kissed and partially undressed each other on a blanket in the attic of the science building at elite St. Paul’s School In New Hampshire.

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“I thought I was gonna have sex with this girl,” said Labrie. “She would be like on top of me a little bit, maybe just one leg between mine. We'd roll over and giggle or something. We took our shirts off,” he said.

Labrie claimed that as they prepared to have sex, he had second thoughts. ”I thought to myself, 'Maybe we shouldn't do this,'” he said.

Labrie insisted he and the student never had sex.

Last week, the teen victim told a very different story. "I was raped. I was violated in so many ways," she had said.

HLN's Nancy Grace said of the case, "If this jury believes that Owen Labrie lied when he said he never had sex with this underage girl, they can throw out his entire testimony, under the law. That only leaves the alleged victim's testimony standing."

Labrie also spoke about the school's so-called "Senior Salute," a ritual in which seniors allegedly compete to have sex with younger students.

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He said it has a more innocent meaning. “My understanding of the ‘Senior Salute’ was an invitation sent towards the end of the school year, either from an older student to a younger student, or from a younger student to an older student, asking to hang out before the older student graduated.”

Asked of his career plans after you completed your education, Labrie told the jury he had planned to attend Harvard's divinity school. “After college, I wanted to enter the ministry,” he said.

Labrie's accuser was also in the courtroom, but only for a short while before she walked out in tears.

Watch Below: Teen Allegedly Raped By Student Part of School's 'Senior Salute'