This Guy Reportedly Broke Into a School So He Could Call His Grandma

A Florida teen broke into a high school so could try and get in touch with his grandma.

A Florida teen has been charged after he broke into a high school hoping to find a phone so he could call his grandma, police say.

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Officials at Treasure Coast High School in Port St Lucie reported someone had broken into a concession stand and busted a computer on Monday night.

Aaron D. Richardson, 19, was charged with the incident. Officials at the school identified Richardson as a former student.

Police said Richardson told them he entered the school to look for a phone so he can call his grandmother. When that didn't work, he tried to get in touch with her via Facebook by using a computer on the concession stand counter.

After that failed, he reportedly punched the computer in anger, according to WPTV.

It is unknown why he was so determined to contact his grandmother.

Richardson has been charged with trespassing on school property, criminal mischief for damaging the fence, which was valued at approximately $1,254, petit theft for stealing $6 worth of snacks from the concession stand and burglary of the school.

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However, the question remains - did he get in touch with grandma?

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