Meet the Couple Who Wed and Welcomed a Baby Girl... Within An Hour

Stephanie Tallent and Jason Nece wanted to get married before having a baby, but their little one turned up earlier than expected.

Here comes the bride - and she's in a big hurry!

Stephanie Tallentt and Jason Nece had planned to get married before their daughter was born but the baby refused to wait and the expectant mom started going into labor last week.

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"She wanted to be married, and I wanted to be married before the baby was born," Nece said, so they realized: 'It has to happen now. We have to get married."

Medical personnel at Texas Children's Hospital in Houston swung into action. One staffer gave Tallentt a string of pearls. Her doctor gave her roses from her desk as a wedding bouquet.

Luckily, Tallentt had a white dress in the car she was going to take to the cleaners.

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"Oh my gosh, I am so happy right now," she said. 

Instead of walking down the aisle at a church, the bride strode down the hospital corridor. Here Comes the Bride played on a smartphone. The wedding took place in a small hospital room reserved for the occasion.

The couple exchanged vows, and just hours later, had a healthy baby girl. 

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