TV Gunman Sent 9-Page Letter to Pawn Shop For Not Saying 'Thank You'

Vester Flanagan sent a long, scathing letter to a pawnshop owner last year.

The gunman who shot dead a reporter and a cameraman sent a scathing letter to a pawn shop for allegedly not saying thank you, it has emerged.

Vester Flanagan went to a store in Roanoke, Virginia to buy a flat-screen television in November 2014 – and was apparently unhappy about how he was treated.

A month later, he contacted the store and complained about the service.

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Owner Doug Grant told INSIDE EDITION:“I talked to the clerk at the time and there was nothing memorable about it whatsoever."

But then Flanagan sent a nine-page letter telling staff that they should always say “thank you” to customers for buying items and should never say “have a nice day” because it lacks sincerity.

He also wrote: “Is this a rant? Ya betcha it is. At this point are you bored? Are you defensive? Do you think I am just a crazy lunatic? If not, keep reading. I am not finished yet.”

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The latest revelations come after his lengthy personnel file showed he had run-ins with staff at WDBJ.

After he was fired from the station, he held a series of jobs. Among them, he worked as a receptionist at an insurance company making $18 an hour.

It has also emerged that after a bad day at work, he killed his two cats. He then buried them in the woods.

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