Susan Sarandon Sobs Over Death Row Inmate: 'I'm Heartbroken for This Man'

Actress Susan Sarandon claims there is no evidence showing Richard Glossip to the murder of his boss.

Actress Susan Sarandon broke down in tears on Dr. Phil as she asked for help saving the life of a death row inmate.

The actress, who opposes the death penalty, is going on a crusade to save the life of Oklahoma inmate named Richard Glossip, who was convicted of ordering a hit on his boss.

He is scheduled to be executed next month.

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She told Dr. Phil: "I'm heartbroken for this man." 

Another man, Justin Sneed confessed to the murder. Sarandon told Dr. Phil she believes there’s no forensic evidence linking Glossip to the murder.

Dr. Phil told INSIDE EDITION: “The facts of the case are this: a man was bludgeoned to death. There is no doubt that Richard Glossip did not do that. Another man admitted to doing it and says Richard Glossip hired him to do it.”

Dr. Phil asked Sarandon on his show: “How will you feel in the morning if he is put to death?”

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“I will feel ashamed and sad for us all,” she said.

The full, emotional interview airs Monday on Dr. Phil.

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