Driver Tries to Take A Selfie Behind the Wheel and Crashes Into Tree, Cops Say

One driver was trying to join his friends in a selfie but ended up hitting a tree.

A driver who was attempting to take a selfie ended up causing a car crash that left multiple people injured, police say.

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Maine State Police said that Jordan Toner, 29, had seven passengers in the car and leaned in to pose for a photo but ended up going off the road and smashing into a tree.

Among the people injured were two females sitting in the front seat. Authorities said one of them suffered a fractured nose and cut above her eye, while the other sustained neck and possible back injury.

Sgt. Chadwick H. Fuller of Maine State Police said neither of the women was wearing seatbelts.

Two male passengers also suffered injuries including cuts to their eyes and back.

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Toner was summonsed for failing to maintain control of a motor vehicle due to being distracted.

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