Woman Arrested for Killing Boyfriend After Cops Allegedly Find Her Fake Fingernail on His Body

A New York woman was arrested after cops said she tried to cover-up her boyfriend's murder.

A New York woman was arrested for shooting her boyfriend dead and trying to cover up the murder by setting his body on fire, police say.

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Dawn Mcintosh, 46, was busted after a detective noticed she was missing a fake fingernail. The victim, 43-year-old Shawn McWhorter, who was identified by the tattoos on his arm, had a fake fingernail on his body, police say.

Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce told reporters in a press conference: “On his body we find a fingernail and we noticed that when we talk to his girlfriend she’s missing a fingernail.

“We take her back into custody, we start speaking to her, and she makes admissions she actually killed him.”

Police say the couple was arguing over infidelity and money.

"She shoots him twice,” Boyce said. “She then got two other people to help her get rid of the body. She put lighter fluid on him and then started the fire.”

Firefighters responding to a blaze at 7 a.m. on Saturday found McWhorter’s body.

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Mcintosh, at first, insisted that he hadn’t seen her boyfriend and that he had stood her up.

Police have still have not recovered the murder weapon. Her  21-year-old brother, Donte Watkins, has been charged with tampering with evidence.

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