TV Host Loses It as Blue Whale is Captured Live on Air For the First Time Ever

During a broadcast of the BBC's 'Big Blue Live,' host Steve Backshall was barely able to contain his excitement at seeing the whale.

A TV host lost it when a blue whale was captured live on air - for the first time ever.

During a broadcast of the BBC's 'Big Blue Live,'host Steve Backshall was talking to whale expert Doris Welch aboard a boat in California when he suddenly interrupted her.

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"I am so so sorry," he told her. "But I have just heard. This is incredible, I have just heard that we have on our helicopter a blue whale."

He could barely contain his excitement as the crew captured incredible footage of the whale as it surfaced in the bay of Moss Landing.

"This is one of the most extraordinary things I've ever seen," Backshall said.

"When I started off filming wildlife just 16 years ago, if someone had said 'go and film a blue whale,' I would have said they were crazy."

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Backshall later took to Twitter to explain his excitement.

I've always been teased about my over-enthusiasm,but...It was a blue whale! Live! A special & important moment #bigbluelive @BBCBigBlueLive

— Steve Backshall (@SteveBackshall) August 30, 2015

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