Torrid Love Triangle Leaves One Teen Girl Dead

A young woman convicted of murdering her rival in a twisted love triangle testified in court that the young man in the middle of it all enjoyed pitting the two women against each other. INSIDE EDITION has the shocking story.    

This pretty young lady wiped away tears as a threatening voicemail she left is played in court.

"You're a (expletive) fat (expletive) and I'm gonna (expletive) kill you. Seriously, I told you to watch your (expletive) back and not (expletive) chill with him. Now you're (expletive) is mine. And I'm gonna guaranteeing you, I'm gonna (expletive) murder you."

Rachel Wade is on trial for murder. She found herself in a love triangle that ended in the death of her rival. Wade broke down as the prosecutor showed the bent steak knife that she plunged into the heart of the other teen.

The District Attorney asked, "You told her you were going to murder her, correct?"

Wade replied, "Yes."

Rachel Wade and Sarah Ludemann were 19-yrs-old when they vied for the affections of the same young man, Joshua Camacho.

Wade also sent Ludemann a threatening email, saying, "What the (expletive) do you have that's going for you that Josh wants you over me for? I look probably ten times (expletive) better than you. I'm gonna find you and I'm gonna beat you're (expletive)."

"I didn't think. I just said it, because I was upset. Truthfully, I wanted to scare her," testified Wade.

Wade also testified that Camacho enjoyed pitting the two girls against each other.

"He didn't want us to fight against him. He wanted us to fight against each other," Wade stated.

Wade's defense attorney asked Camacho, "Did you ever ask your girlfriends to fight for you?"

Camacho answered, "No."

The love triangle escalated into a face-to-face confrontation in a Tampa suburb on a street outside a friend's house.

"I just remember swinging my arms. I don't physically remember stabbing her," testified Wade.

Wade's attorney Jay Hebert used life-sized cutouts hoping to convince the jury that Wade acted in self defense.

"She didn't come out at her like a psycho movie," said Hebert.

But the state's attorney, Lizette Hanewicz, argued that Wade lied to detectives by trying to hide the murder weapon.  

"You knew you had a knife. You knew she was stabbed, and you wanted to get rid of it," Hanewicz said.

Both Wade's parents and Ludemann's parents anxiously awaited the jury's return. Wade sobbed and sunk in her chair when the verdict was announced—guilty of murder in the second degree, as charged.

"It was cold blooded. She didn't care for Sarah and she was going to show her," said Hanewicz.

Last Friday, Wade's broken-hearted dad pleaded for mercy at her sentencing, telling the court,
"We wish with all our hearts we could change what happened."

And Wade tearfully begged Ludemann's family for forgiveness, saying, "I'm not a monster and a murderer as it may seem. I never had any intentions to harm your daughter."

But it was Ludemann's mom who had the last word, telling the court as she showed a picture of her daughter, "This is my daughter. This is Sarah.  Rachel Wade murdered her. She left a void in our hearts. We miss her very much."

Wade was sentenced to 27 years in the Florida Department of Corrections. Wade hung her head when the sentence was pronounced.

Mrs. Ludemann says 27 years isn't enough. She wanted her daughter's murderer to get life. "My daughter is dead. Not coming back. You have to remember Rachel's parents can see her and speak with her—we can't! We're going to see my daughter at the cemetery. That's where we're going to see my daughter," said Mrs. Ludemann.