Passerby Sees Knife-Wielding 'Unicorn' Chasing a Man Through a Graveyard, Police Say

A man in a unicorn mask was seen chasing a person with a knife in a Canadian graveyard.

A person called 911 to report seeing a knife-wielding unicorn chasing a person through a cemetery, authorities said.

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Canadian Police say responding officers found a man wearing a unicorn mask and waving a hunting knife as his apparent victim tried to get away from the graveyard in Victoria, Canada.

A second man attempted to get into his vehicle when officers approached him. They told him to drop his weapon, police say.

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Police then learned that the supposed attacker and his friend were making a video with the costumes.

The two men, in their 30s, apologized for the unintended upset.

No charges were brought against the men.

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