Meet the 'Blizzard Babies': City Sees Baby Boom After Snowstorm Got Couples Feeling Frisky

Couples say they passed the time by making babies when Buffalo, New York, was buried under snow last winter.

While a historic storm buried Buffalo, New York, couples were getting busy creating little bundles of joy that became known as the “Blizzard Babies.”

These babies are the product of the blizzard that blanketed the city under a record-setting mountain of snow nine months ago.

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“There was snow everywhere!” a Blizzard Baby mom told INSIDE EDITION.

Mom Kate Braun told IE, “I think we had seven feet of snow outside our house. It was unbelievable.”

The snow has, of course, melted, and now Buffalo's Mercy Hospital is setting a record of its own as baby after baby comes rolling in. Literally, it's the march of the Blizzard Babies.

“We're seeing a bump in business -- no pun intended,” Dr. Carlos Santos told IE. He said his hospital alone registered 40 more pregnancies than normal, all because of the blizzard.

“I’ve never seen anything like this. This is quite the event,” said Dr. Santos.

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Braun said she found herself snowed in for five days. “The timing worked out perfect,” she said.

“We just had a lot of time, bored,” said another mom.

“Now we have a good story to tell with all these other mothers,” said Braun.

“I think the snow helped. Nothing else to do in this situation,” mother Holly Cimato told IE. She was also trapped inside her house with her husband Jake, who’s now a proud dad to their daughter, Sophia.

“That was about all we could do was make a baby,” said Jake.

Mom Laura Black told IE, “All that snow is worth it and we have beautiful babies.” Her husband said of their first-born baby boy, Liam, “He is a blizzard blessing.”

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