Was Miss Australia Sabotaged at the Miss Universe Competition?

Miss Australia Jesinta Campbell, who was the second runner-up in this year's Miss Universe competition, says someone tried to sabotage her by putting pins in one of her outfits. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Miss Australia Jesinta Campbell recently made the shocking claim that someone tried to sabotage her at the Miss Universe pageant.  

"There was some sabotage backstage," said Campbell.

"My national costume, I went to put it on before we launched it and there were pins in the back of it," she said during a TV interview. "They were all sort of poking out the top of it!"

The 19-year-old says someone literally tried to stab her in the back, deliberately placing several sharp pins inside her national costume, a rainbow flamenco dress with a bathing suit top and fur shawl.

When Campbell put on the dress she says she immediately felt "sharp pains" and that's when she discovered the needles digging into her back. She told an Australian morning TV show that it was no accident.
"[The pins] were very strategically placed," Campbell said.

This isn't the first time the Miss Universe pageant has turned ugly over allegations of sabotage

In 2007, Miss Puerto Rico Ingrid Marie Rivera claimed that someone coated her evening gown and makeup with pepper spray, causing her to break out in hives.   

But she still she went on to win the crown.

And Miss Australia didn't fare too badly either...she was named as the second runner-up and Miss Congeniality.  

Campbell has yet to name who she thinks might have sabotaged her dress.