Watch Shocking Video Showing Girl Being Shoved Off Garage Roof At College Party

Sophia Czarowicz was apparently getting ready to jump at Bridgewater State University when she was pushed.

A startling video shows the moment a student was shoved off a roof during a college party – before she was thankfully caught by people below.

Sophia Czarowicz, 20, was lucky to escape unscathed after she plunged 10 feet from the garage roof at Bridgewater State University in Massachusetts.

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It unfolded during a rowdy welcome week party for 200 students early on Monday morning. The footage shows her on the roof apparently getting ready to jump when she is suddenly pushed.

The crowd beneath stops her from hitting the ground. She suffered minor injuries.

“If people hadn’t been there to break her fall, she would’ve been seriously injured,” police said.

The man who allegedly pushed her, 20-year-old Alexander Marquez, was arrested by police who were on the scene to shut down the party.

He was charged with assault and pleaded not guilty in court.

His girlfriend spoke with reporters outside.

"She was going to jump anyway," she said, WCVB reported. "If she jumped she would’ve hit the ground so he helped her get to the people.”

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But Czarowicz told reporters she wasn't planning on jumping.

Back-to-college parties can be an invitation to disaster. In March, nine students were injured at a party at California Polytechnic in March when a roof collapsed.

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