Cop Uses His Own Money to Pay For Homeless Mom and Daughter to Stay in a Hotel, Eat

A Maryland cop performed a random act of kindness for a homeless woman and her infant daughter.

A police officer is supposed to serve and protect - and Cpl. Che’ Atkinson did just that.

With his own money, the Maryland cop paid for a homeless mother and her one-year-old daughter to stay in a hotel and eat.

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The hungry mom brought her child to the lobby of a Maryland Police Department and said she was the victim of domestic abuse and had nowhere else to go.

Atkinson jumped into action - getting her a hotel room and buying them food and drink.

The random act of kindness was documented by one of the officer’s superiors and posted on Facebook.


One of our District I patrol officers has reinforced the PGPD’s pledge to not only protect citizens, but serve them as...

Posted by Prince George's County Police Department on Friday, August 28, 2015

“With his own money, Corporal Atkinson rented the woman and her child a hotel room,” the Facebook post said. “He found a child car seat and put it in his cruiser in order to safely transport the little girl to the hotel. He also bought them food and drinks.”

Atkinson told WUSA9: “I had the extra money. What would it hurt just to put them up for a night to make sure they're safe?”

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The mother and her child remain unidentified and remained in the hotel until they were able to meet up with relatives.

“This is a helpless child so it's our duty to help and that child was definitely in need,” said Atkinson.

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