Daycare Workers Ran 'Fight Club' For Kids Aged 4 to 6, Prosecutors Say

Prosecutors say female daycare workers in NJ ran a fight club for young children.

Two former daycare workers started fights among children they cared for, calling it a real-life “fight club,” according to prosecutors.

Erica Kenny, 22, and Chanese White, 28, allegedly held the fights among a dozen boys and girls, aged just four to six, at the Lightbridge Academy Daycare Center in New Jersey.

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Kenny and White allegedly recorded the incidents and shared them on social media, according to The Associated Press.

They have now both been charged with child abuse. Kenny also faces a child endangerment charge, said prosecutors.

Investigators said the kids pushed each other to the ground and tried to hit each other. They apparently didn't suffer any serious injuries.

Acting Union County Prosecutor Grace Park said Kenny is heard referencing Fight Club in the videos, quoting from the famous book and movie.

Parent Danielle Frost, whose son was in White and Kenny's class in the 2013-2014 school year, said she was shocked by the news.

"It's really freaking me out at the moment," she said.

"I want to go home and ask my son if he saw anything like this. He came home with a broken finger once, and now I'm worried about what happened while he was there,” she said.

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Brenda Febbo, Lightbridge Academy’s vice president of sales and marketing, said: "As parents and caregivers, we are shocked and saddened by this isolated incident.

"We have a zero tolerance policy for anyone who acts in conflict with the core value of Lightbridge Academy - the safety and well-being of children."

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