Police Kill Dog and Wound Homeowner After Going to The Wrong House

A police officer was also shot in the hip by another office during the incident in the Atlanta area.

Police officers shot dead a dog and wounded a homeowner after responding to a burglary call - and going to the wrong house.

A police officer was also shot in the hip during the Monday evening incident in the Atlanta area. On Tuesday, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation revealed he was injured by another cop.

"Early investigation indicates that the injured officer was likely shot (accidentally) by one of the other officers on the scene," the GBI said in a report, cited by CNN.

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"The preliminary GBI investigation indicates that the responding officers likely entered a residence unrelated to the initial 911 call although it matched the given dispatched description."

The GBI said that the DeKalb County police officers were responding to a 911 call that had reported a "possible burglary in progress."

The caller did not give an exact address and only described the home as a tan and brick one-story home, the GBI said.

Three officers went to a home that matched the description near the same intersection and entered the home through an unlocked screen door at the back of the house, authorities said.

County Public Safety Director Cedric Alexander said the officers identified themselves and moments later, gunfire took place.

The GBI said: "Upon entry to the residence, the officers encountered a dog. Two officers fired their weapons striking and killing the animal in the kitchen.

“A male in the home, later determined to be the homeowner, exited a room off the kitchen and was also shot by the responding officers."

A neighbor told the AJC that she heard the man, whom she identified as Chris McKinley, saying: "Why did they shoot me? Why did they shoot my dog?"

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The homeowner was shot in the leg and treated and released from hospital.

The officer underwent surgery and is in serious but stable condition.

Authorities said the incident remains under investigation by the GBI. The district attorney will decide on any further action once the investigation is complete.

All three of the officers who were at the scene will be placed on administrative leave.

Derek Perez told The Associated Press that he reported the suspicious person, but at a different house from the one the police entered.

He said he was walking his dog when he saw a man knock on a neighbor's door and then just stand in the yard. He said he then heard a loud noise, a dog barking and didn't see the man anymore. There had been break-ins in the neighborhood recently, so he called 911, he said.

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