Tom Brady Jokes About Deflategate: 'It's Been Such An Enjoyable Off Season'

Tom Brady met with fans last night at a Patriots charity event and joked about Deflategate.

Tom Brady apparently made light of the ongoing Deflategate saga at a charity event on Tuesday night.

When the Patriots quarterback was asked during a panel discussion if he did anything fun this offseason, he quipped: "Yeah. It's been such an enjoyable offseason," according to The Boston Herald.

The comment was met by laughter.

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Brady appeared in good spirits as he attended the annual Patriots Premiere charity event at Gillette Stadium, where he took part in the panel discussion. He was joined by the team's owner, Robert Kraft.

At the event, Kraft called Deflategate the "most overblown story in recent NFL history.”

Brady will learn his fate for the upcoming NFL season following court hearings over the Deflategate scandal by the end of this week. Either he will be suspended for four games or he will be able to play when the season kicks off.

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The Patriots begin their season in just over a week against the Pittsburgh Steelers and a judge will decicde if Brady will play or not.

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