Obese Dachshund Gives Up Junk Food, Gets New Workout Regimen After Rescue

Vincent the dachshund has already dropped three pounds thanks to a healthy diet and daily swims.

When Vincent the dachshund was picked up by K-9 Angels Rescue in Houston, Texas, he weighed a whopping 38 pounds – more than double his ideal size.

But now, after some love and care from his new foster mom – and a strict diet and workout regimen – the seven-year-old pup is slowly working his way to his goal weight.

His foster mom, Melissa Anderson, told INSIDE EDITION that Vincent was taken to the rescue center after his owner passed away.

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“He was so depressed at first,” she said. “I could tell he was mourning the loss of his family. He wasn’t mistreated. I’m sure that man was trying to love him the best way he could.”

While she does not know exactly how he reached his hefty size, Anderson said she suspects he was fed junk food. Whenever they go to the Starbucks drive-thru, he knows where he is, she said.

“He works himself into a frenzy,” she said. “He tries to get to the window.”

She is now working to help him slim down, although vets have recommended that he loses the weight slowly. They hope he will lose three or four pounds a month, Anderson said.

Since moving in with Anderson nearly three weeks ago, he's dropped to 35.2 pounds. The ideal weight for a dachshund is between 15 and 18 pounds.

Anderson says he’s now given up the junk food and is eating a consistent diet of wet food and kibble donated by Royal Canin.

He’s also taking regular walks – or slow waddles – around his new neighborhood and he swims daily in a friend’s pool. When he’s not taking a snooze, he’s out in the garden with Anderson’s other dogs, she said.

Despite the grueling new regime, Vincent is taking it like a champ, Anderson said.

“He’s never mad at me for making him swim,” she said. “My other dogs would never allow me to continue but he does it and at the end of the lap, he’ll give me a kiss.”

He’s moving more and is now able to swim for 15 minutes, she said.

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“We go back and forth until he’s pooped,” she added.

In just a couple of weeks, she’s already noticed a tremendous difference in his size and spirits.

“I think his girth is further away from the ground,” she said. “His tail is wagging more.”

Anderson said she think Vincent will stay with her for around 20 weeks as she helps him reach his goal weight. Afterwards, he’ll go to a forever home and Anderson will continue to help foster animals.

She said she has no doubt he’ll go to a great home.

“He’s such a loving sweet dog,” she said. “In spite of it all, he wants to give kisses.”

You can follow his progression on his Facebook page and find out more about the rescue center here.

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