Wendy Williams: Trump Has a Chance 'If He Runs the Country the Way He Runs His Family'

TV host Wendy Williams chats with INSIDE EDITION about the latest headlines.

Talk show host Wendy Williams has weighed in on the presidential candidates - and suggested Donald Trump may have a chance.

“I like Donald Trump," she told INSIDE EDITION. "As a president? Eh. But if you look at everyone else running, it is like, well. If he runs the country the way he runs his family then he has a chance."

She added that you "can't find any one of those Trump kids falling down drunk."

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But she told INSIDE EDITION's Steven Fabian that she wasn't a fan of every presidential hopeful.

Of Kanye’s big announcement, she said: "Are you serious?"

Fabian said: "There is already merchandise that says 'Kanye 2020.'"

She said: "I have a T-shirt shop around the corner from my house, I can put 'Wendy for 2020' too."

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Williams shared her views as she stopped by the INSIDE EDITION newsroom to chat about her new show, Death By Gossip, which is premiering this week on Investigation Discovery. Williams is the host and executive producer of the show.

The first show features a love triangle that became town gossip and ended with a teacher slain. 

She said: “It's about your town, U.S.A. and how the principal falls in love with the teacher. Or the fire chief falls in love with the owner of the donut shop. Everyone is married and the town is talking is gossiping and the next thing you know is someone ends up dead!" 

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