Former NAACP Activist Rachel Dolezal Is Expecting Baby Boy

Rachel Dolezal, who allegedly misled people about being African-American, revealed she is expecting her third child.

Rachel Dolezal, the activist who caused a race controversy by saying she identifies as African-American, is pregnant with baby number three.

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The 37-year-old divorcee is expecting a boy, but is not revealing who the father is.

She shared the news on Instagram, saying: "One of my sons is a grown man at 21, one thinks he's grown at 13, and another one is still cooking, but they are all three my precious beloved babies."

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Dolezal is a civil rights activist and former president of the NAACP Spokane, Washington chapter.

She resigned earlier this year after she allegedly misled people about her racial identity.

Her parents publicly said their daughter is white and is lying about her racial identity.

"I identify as black,” she said at the time. 

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