Teen Lied That She Was Pregnant With Triplets For 10 Months, Family Says

A Michigan teen is accused of faking a triplet pregnancy by using a fake ultrasound.

A Michigan teen allegedly faked a triplet pregnancy for nearly a year.

The unnamed 16-year-old surprised her family, friends and boyfriend Jordan when she announced she was pregnant with three babies 10 months ago.

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The teen reportedly had a protruding belly, ultrasound pictures and even names for the babies.

Her family and friends threw her a baby shower and she accepted donations from a local church and a nonprofit called Moms of Triplets, according to Fox2Detroit.

Her boyfriend’s mother, Krissy Wyrabkiewicz, reportedly became suspicious after nine months, especially since babies in multiple births tend to be born prematurely.

According to reports, they were also unable to confirm the name of the girl’s doctor.

Moms of Triplets then contacted Krissy and said the ultrasound photos were identical to those sold at a prank website called FakeABaby.com – which also sells phony bellies and DNA tests.

Reports say that when the teen was confronted, she claimed she had suffered a miscarriage the day before she was scheduled for a C-Section.

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According to the boyfriend’s aunt, the girl refused to go to the doctor after the miscarriage.

Police are investigating over the alleged gifts and donations but no charges have been filed.

A man claiming to be the teen’s brother told Fox2Detroit that all of the donations will be returned.

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