Koran Controversy Heats Up

INSIDE EDITION reports on the growing worldwide outrage over one Florida pastor's plan to burn a copy of the Koran on September 11.

Angelina Jolie adds her voice to the world wide outrage over that Florida pastor's plan to burn the Koran on the 9th anniversary of the September 11th attacks this Saturday.

"I have hardly the words—that somebody would do that to somebody's religious book," said Jolie.

The pastor, Reverend Terry Jones, appeared on The Early Show today to defend his incendiary plans.

"We are still determined to do it, yes," confirmed Reverend Jones.

There's a growing chorus of public figures condemning the burning, including General Ray Odierno, who just completed his tour of duty as U.S. Commander in Iraq.

"I worry it will turn into violence against our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and other places as well," said General Odierno.

New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg is being accused of pouring "gas on the fire" by The New York Daily News, because he said the pastor is exercising his First Amendment rights.  

Bloomberg said on Good Morning America, "I don't think he should be doing it. I think we should respect each other's religions, but nevertheless, either you believe in the First Amendment, or you don't. And he has a right to do it, and we're fighting just as hard for his right, even when I think it is bone-headed and wrong."