Former Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, 70, Threatens to Sue Over Anti-Aging Ads Using Her Photo

Tough-talking former Gov. Jan Brewer said she is humiliated and hurt by the ads.

Tough-talking former Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is threatening legal action if her image isn't removed from anti-aging ads.

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Brewer, famous for a finger-pointing confrontation with President Obama on the tarmac at Phoenix Airport, is saying advertisers used her face in an ad for anti-aging products without her permission.

As seen in footage on AZCentral, the ads feature unflattering photos, and claim the 70-year-old governor was divorced for being "too old." The ads also claim she had a revenge makeover.

She said the ads are humiliating.

“They’re very hurtful and very depressing, given that is was an ugly picture of me endorsing something that I know nothing about,” she told INSIDE EDITION.

The ads are especially offensive because Brewer isn't even divorced. She has been married for more than 40 years.

“I was very offended by it, as was my husband,” she said. “And they say he got rid of me!”

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They're called “native ads.” They appear on websites, masquerading as news stories and often use celebrities' photos to draw people in.

Brewer is not backing down. “It’s the world we live in, with unscrupulous people advertising,” she said. 

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