After Tori Spelling Sues Benihana Over Burn, Dangers of Hibachi Grills Revealed

Actress Tori Spelling says she burned her arm while dining at Benihana restaurant.

TV personality Tori Spelling is suing the popular Japanese steakhouse chain Benihana, claiming she suffered burns on her arm during a family outing last Easter Sunday.

The incident unfolded at a Benihanas in Encino, California when she allegedly slipped and fell on the hot hibachi grill.

The burn was so severe, Spelling says she required a skin graft.

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Chef Georgia Pellegrini told INSIDE EDITION: “It can happen really quickly in the matter of a second or two. If it is a really hot grill like it is at Benihana, you are literally cooking a piece of meat on that grill and you are blistering your skin in a second or less.” 

It's happened before: in 2009, a young boy was burned at a Japanese steakhouse - not Benihana - in Olympia, Washington. A 911 call recorded his screams.

A customer explained what happened: “We were in a Japanese steakhouse type of place so there are open grills and there was an explosion I saw from across the restaurant.”

In another incident, a woman was dining at a Miami restaurant when her banana flambé desert was being prepared at her table. The flames went out of control and she suffered serious burns.

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INSIDE EDITION staff members had lunch at Benihana's in New York on Thursday and noticed there is a black safety line warning diners to not get too close to the open flames. The server also warned not to cross the black line. 

Benihana has not commented on the Tori Spelling lawsuit. 

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