Divers Find Camera at Bottom of Ocean, Use Photos to Track Down Owners

California divers found a working camera on the ocean floor, and began searching for the owner.

Two divers who found a camera at the bottom of the ocean incredibly used the photos to help track down its owners.

Mark Schulze and his wife Patty Mooney were snorkeling at a beach in San Diego, California on August 27 when they saw the gadget beneath the waves.

"I'm looking down and all of a sudden, I see something glimmering, and this thing was halfway in the sand," Schulze told INSIDE EDITION.

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His wife thought there was no way the camera still worked, but miraculously, the camera turned on and the photos were still there.

The images showed an active family traveling, hiking and swimming. 

"They are a happy, adventurous family," Patty said.

The couple launched a digital treasure hunt - posting the photos on Facebook to search for the family. But when they had no luck figuring out the owners, Mark turned to the local news.

After the story aired, they got a call from the father in the images, Jamie Kerns. At the same time, Patty discovered the mom, Alycen Haynesworth, on her YouTube channel.

Haynesworth and her 11-year-old son arranged to meet the couple.

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The boy explained that he had been kayaking with his father, who accidentally dropped the camera in the water. The family thought all the photos were gone, until the mother saw the news.

"I just couldn't believe it when I saw it," she said.

When the families reunited, they marked the occasion with -- what else? -- a new photo.

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