Sandra Bullock's New Boyfriend Was in a Long-Term Relationship When They Met

Mia St. John, the mom of a woman Sandra Bullock's boyfriend had dated, speaks exclusively to INSIDE EDITION about the relationship.

Sandra Bullock's new boyfriend, Bryan Randall, was in a long-term relationship with a much-younger woman when he met the actress.

INSIDE EDITION spoke exclusively to the woman’s mother, professional boxer Mia St. John, who said her daughter Paris was dating the 49-year-old photographer until the start of the summer.

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Randall reportedly met the Hollywood star when he was hired to take photos for her son’s birthday party earlier this year.

Paris St. John – who is 25 years Randall’s junior – and Randall were together for two years but split amicably, Mia said. She said Paris and Randall were serious, but she always believed they'd break up.

"They talked of marriage and kids but Paris was just too young to be thinking about that so we knew that eventually the relationship would come to an end," Mia said.

After the break up, he started dating Bullock. Mia added that they are all very happy for Randall.

"I know Bryan and he is a good guy," Mia said. "I'm truly happy that he found someone that he can relate to and connect to."

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She added that Randall was a comforting presence when her son took his life. After the tragedy, she launched the Mia St. John Foundation to help children with mental health problems.

"Bryan went through probably the darkest time of my life and I don't know if I could have made it without him," she said. “I would not have made it through without him."

She said she wishes him and Bullock the best.

"I would hate for her to believe any of the accusations that he's a player, he's a golddigger," she said. "He’s none of those things and we can tell you that he’s a good guy – a genuine guy."

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