Joe Biden Says His Decision to Run For President Depends on Whether His Family Can Handle It

Is Vice President Joe Biden contemplating a run for the Oval Office? He still remains on the fence.

Vice President Joe Biden appeared at a synagogue in Atlanta and talked about the possibility of taking on Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary.

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"If I can reach that conclusion that we can do it in a fashion that would still make it viable, I would not hesitate to do it," Biden said at Ahavath Achim Synagogue in Atlanta.

But he added: “I can't look you in the eyes and say: ‘Now, I know I can do this, this.’ This is as honest as I can be.”

Biden is still coping with the death of his son Beau to brain cancer three months ago.

"I will be straightforward with you. The most relevant factor in my decision is whether my family and I have the emotional energy to run," Biden told the crowd. "The honest to God answer is I just don't know."

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Biden has been deliberating a run in private and until now, has not endorsed a candidate nor gave a formal presidential bid.

He said: "And everybody talks about a lot of other factors: The other people in the race and whether I can raise the money and whether I can get an organization. That's not the factor. The factor is can I do it? Can my family?"

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