You Can Now Protect Your Home During Hurricane Season By Wrapping it Up

As hurricane season approaches, one item can protect your home from the damage a storm can cause.

As hurricane season approaches, homeowners should be aware of ways to protect their homes.

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Among them, a type of fabric can protect your house from hurricane-force winds.

The material, called the CAT-5 hurricane netting system, offers a 63 percent decrease in wind resistance. A house will stay protected and people inside the home will be able to stay upright.

The mesh is made of a coated polyester.

To use it, homeowners throw 10-foot wide sections of the fabric over their home and attach it to anchors secured to the ground. It takes about three to four hours.

The mesh costs 85 cents a square foot, which means it'll cost about $3,000 to cover an average size house, which is still a lot less than a new roof.

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Companies like McDonald's are even using it to protect their signs.

And there are other things you can do to get your home ready for a hurricane, such as installing impact windows. The glass breaks, but it won't fly out of the frame.

And remember, with storms brewing - such as Tropical Storm Fred - the time to get ready is now.

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