Family Discovers Dog Ate 8 Pairs of Underwear, 62 Hair Bands

One family only noticed their underwear was missing when their Labrador Tiki started suffering from a stomachache.

A family took their dog to the vet and were shocked to find what they dog had eaten.

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Vet technician Emily Cottle said they retrieved eight pairs of underwear and 62 hair bands from the stomach of the loveable lab during emergency surgery. “It was incredibly shocking,” she told INSIDE EDITION.

Sisters Sara and Sidney had no idea they were missing undies from their Pittsburgh home until their lab Tiki had a tummy ache. They brought her to the vet for an X-ray. It didn't look good.

The vet said he saw a large, foreign body in the dog. Fearing it could be cancer, vet Hisham Ibrahim performed surgery on his eight-year-old patient. 

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Tiki turned out to be cancer-free, but what they pulled out of her stomach  could fill a dresser drawer!

The sisters said the underwear was definitely theirs, and were shocked by the 62 hairbands! “We never really noticed they were all gone!” said one of the sisters.

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