Bride Accused of Faking Cancer Speaks Out

INSIDE EDITION speaks to the woman accused of faking cancer just to get free gifts at her wedding, a claim she denies.

The bride at the center of an alleged cancer hoax is speaking out exclusively to INSIDE EDITION.

Jessica Vega is accused of faking a fatal disease to get freebies for her wedding. The rings, the dress, the honeymoon in Aruba, all came from big-hearted donors. Her own husband says it's time to call her bluff.

INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd asked, "Do you have leukemia? The doctor's office says you're lying, your husband says you're lying, why should anyone believe you?"

"The people that know me know that I'm a very humble person, that I would never take advantage of anyone," said Vega.

Vega's husband told INSIDE EDITION, "She faked cancer to get a lot of free things."

Boyd asked Vega, "Did you lie to get a bunch of free stuff for your wedding?"

"No. I would never lie to anyone to get any free stuff," replied Vega.

Vega claims that a letter was from a doctor who informed her, "You are at risk for fatal infections, and death in the next 6-8 months." But the doctor reportedly denies any knowledge of Vega's case.

Boyd said, "Jessica, this letter does not look real."

"I don't really know why it doesn't look real to some people," said Vega. She says that she's currently being treated by another doctor, but she refuses to identify him.

"What doctor?" asked Boyd.

"I can't disclose that," replied Vega.

"Why not?" asked Boyd.

"As far as to protect my doctor, he's gonna make an official statement on his own and he doesn't want the media to know who he is until he's ready," said Vega.

"You have not produced one shred of evidence to prove that you actually had disease," said Boyd.

"It doesn't mean that I don't have proof. It means that I'm a private person," said Vega.

And are there photos more troubling evidence that Vega is lying? Photos show the bride-to-be partying at her bachelorette party, when she says she was a leukemia patient undergoing radiation.

"You were smoking, drinking," said Boyd.

"Well, it's your bachelorette party, sir," said Vega.

A video of Vega pouring herself a cocktail was posted on her Myspace page. She says it was shot before  she was diagnosed with cancer.

On her wedding day, witnesses say Vega was energetic as could be, but when the generous people who had donated their services showed up, it was a different story.

Boyd said, "All of a sudden you slumped over, coughed, made it seem like you were sick. You were putting on an act, weren't you?"

"If at some point during the day I was feeling fatigued, that's normal," said Vega.

Her husband says that he asked for a divorce once he found out about Vega's alleged hoax. But she's adamant that she is sick.

Vega cried as she said, "My hair was falling out in my aunt's hands."

She says her ex-husband is ruining her reputation to get custody of their 16-month-old daughter, Ava.

"I believe that he's bitter. I believe he's trying to drag me through a very annoying divorce because he wants Ava," said Vega.

"You didn't make this whole thing up?" asked Boyd.

Vega replied, "No, sir."