Donald Trump Says Caroline Kennedy 'Doesn't Even Know She's Alive'

Donald Trump is letting his feelings known about Caroline Kennedy in a new interview with 'The Economist.'

Donald Trump spent his weekend sparking a new feud with Caroline Kennedy.

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In an interview with The Economist he criticized her role as ambassador to Japan.

"Who is our chief negotiator (in Japan)? Essentially it is Caroline Kennedy. I mean give me a break," Trump said. "She doesn't even know she's alive."

This isn’t the first time the billionaire has taken aim at JFK’s daughter in recent weeks. Just last month at a campaign stop in Michigan he said: “Kennedy simply asked for her job,” according to

In July, he also criticized her at a campaign stop in Iowa, saying: “We use Caroline Kennedy in Japan. She couldn’t even believe she got the job. They said ‘Would you like the job?’; she said ‘Really?’ — but my daughter Ivanka likes her, so she has to be a good person.”

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Caroline Kennedy has not responded to any of Trump’s comments.

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