Watch the Jaw-Dropping Pillow Fight at West Point that Left 24 With Concussions

West Point graduates are calling for an end to the violent pillow fighting ritual.

Footage shows an out-of-control pillow fight at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point - which left scores with injuries, including 24 concussions.

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Hundreds of cadets streamed into the quad outside their dorms to whack each other with pillows in video posted on YouTube. A group of guys even pushed a laundry cart piled high with mattresses.

But some of the pillows were apparently loaded with helmets and other heavy objects, and some of the participants were left with bloody mouths and broken noses. 

One upperclassman supervising the pillow fight tweeted: “My plebe was knocked unconscious and immediately began fighting when he came to. I'm so proud I could cry.”

The scenes are now raising concern online.

"These are our future military leaders? God help us!" one comment said, another added: "I am a West Point Grad, class of 1969. I am appalled. This ‘tradition’ needs to be stopped immediately."

Others defended the fight as a way to build comradery. 

"I know it looks weird from the outside. But it really bonds us," said one comment.

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John Poncy, a 1986 West Point graduate, told INSIDE EDITION that this year's pillow fight was too extreme.

"It is a comradery builder and it is one of the things cadets do to blow off steam," he said. "It goes far enough that cadets have been knocked unconscious and gotten concussions, so, that is a problem and it needs to be dealt with."

Commanders at the U.S. Military Academy say they will take "appropriate disciplinary measures."

All of the injured service people are now back on active duty. 

The superintendent at West Point, Lieutenant General Robert L. Caslen, Jr., defended the pillow fight as a way to build team spirit.

He said in a statement: "I take full responsibility for all actions that occur here at West Point. We will continue our investigation, ensure accountability, and reinforce with the Corps that we must all take care of our teammates."

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