Sandra Bullock's Boyfriend Was Accused of Smearing Dog Feces on Neighbor's Door

A neighbor said he felt he was in "immediate danger" and filed for a restraining order against Sandra Bullock's boyfriend Bryan Randall.

Does Sandra Bullock's new boyfriend, Bryan Randall, have an explosive temper?  

INSIDE EDITION has obtained a temporary restraining order requested by Randall's neighbor, who claimed he feared he was in "immediate danger" while living next to the 49-year-old former model.

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In court papers, the neighbor claimed he was walking his dog when the actress' boyfriend confronted him, swearing at him because his dog had relieved itself on his front lawn.

The neighbor also claimed Bullock's boyfriend smeared the dog's feces on his front door.

The temporary restraining order was obtained in 2012. Neighbor John Stacer, who lived in a modest Los Angeles apartment building, claimed Randall had a "notoriously erratic temper" and that he was "afraid he's about to snap."

The neighbor also claimed: “I know first-hand he has a weapon, possibly as many as three guns in the house."

But when IE caught up with Stacer on Tuesday, he said his dispute with the model was all a misunderstanding between friends, and that the run-in with Randall never happened.

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“Did Bryan Randall ever threaten you?” asked IE.

“No,” replied Stacer.

“The restraining order indicates that he threatened you and took dog remains and spread them on your door. Did that happen?” asked IE.

“No sir, it did not,” said Stacer.

Another neighbor, Barry Levine, said hat he was surprised to hear about the dispute because he said Randall is a sweet guy.

“Bryan is a nice, gentle man, and a very considerate man,” he said.

A permanent restraining order was never granted.

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