Damon Wayans Defends Himself After Calling Some Bill Cosby Accusers 'Un-Rapeable'

Comedian Damon Wayans said people should "stop twisting my words" after his shocking radio interview.

Damon Wayans is taking heat after making some controversial comments about Bill Cosby's accusers.

In an interview with the Power 105.1 radio station, the comedian said: “Some of them really is un-rapeable. I look at them and go ... No, he don't want that. Get outta here.”

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Co-host Angela Yee was astonished by the remarks.

She told INSIDE EDITION: “I was taken aback. The word, ‘un-rapeable,’ I don't think that should be in anybody's vocabulary.”

Reaction has been swift and many comments are brutal. One online response read: "Damon Wayans, what a huge disappointment."

IE spoke to Victoria Valentino, one of Cosby's many accusers.

“I was disgusted. I felt so sad for all of my sisters in this bizarre sisterhood that we have," she said.

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Wayans said he is being taken out of context and sent out this tweet: "Stop twisting my words. Watch the entire interview before u condemn me!"

He added a link to a portion of his radio interview expressing sympathy for the victims, where he said: “My heart goes out to them. For anybody that was raped by Bill Cosby, I'm sorry and I hope you get justice.”

Cosby has denied any wrongdoing.

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