Susan Boyle Performance Dropped from America's Got Talent

Susan Boyle left America's Got Talent in tears without signing a note after a legendary singer pulled the plug on her performance. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Heartbreak for Susan Boyle!

Her scheduled appearance on America's Got Talent last night was abruptly cancelled.

Susan Boyle arrived at Los Angeles international airport on Tuesday, smiling and eagerly anticipating her big return to American TV.

A choir consisting of 100 children had been booked to back her up here at the CBS studios where the America's Got Talent competition is held. But just two hours before the big show, her performance was suddenly pulled out from under her. And the reason may shock you.

Singer Lou Reed, who owns the rights to the classic "Perfect Day", which Boyle was scheduled to sing, notified Boyle's people that he was barring her from singing his 1972 hit.
"He's not a Boyle fan," a source close to Boyle told INSIDE EDITION, even though she achieved world wide renown for her breakthrough performance on Britain's Got Talent last year.

Boyle was said to be "devastated" and "in tears" when she got the word.

She was told the news in her hotel room, just before she was getting ready to drive to the studio.

Instead, the sobbing star boarded a plane and flew back to London, where she was greeted with this headline from the Daily Mail, "Sobbing SuBo pulls out of America's Got Talent."