This Gorilla is Mesmerized When Visitor Shows Him iPhone Photos

One gorilla showed its curiosity as one zoo-goer was using his iPhone.

It seems that it's not only humans who are mesmerized by their phones.

Jelani the gorilla, who lives in Kentucky’s Louisville Zoo, became engrossed with a tourist using his iPhone as he stood behind the glass of animal’s pen.

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In the video, the man notices the gorilla transfixed on the object, so he holds it up to the window and scrolls through photos as the ape watches on in wonder.

Video of the incident was posted on YouTube.

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The video maker later said: “I stumbled upon the boy sharing pictures with Jelani touring the zoo with my one-year-old daughter. The boy was scrolling through gorilla pictures, and Jelani would motion with his hand to move to the next photo. Both seemed to really enjoy sharing the experience.”

 At one point, the tourist and the ape lean up against the glass together and the animal reads over the man’s shoulder.

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