Dr. Ken Jeong Accused of Fat-Shaming After Telling Patient: 'You're Fat!'

Comedian Dr. Ken Jeong, best known for 'The Hangover' movies, has told people not to rush to judgment.

Comedian Dr. Ken Jeong is getting heat for calling a patient “fat” on his new sitcom.

In a controversial scene for the new ABC sitcom, Dr. Ken, Jeong, who stars in the lead role, said to a patient, “You have ankle swelling, shortness of breath, your thyroid is within normal limits.”

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The patient asked, “What's the diagnosis?”

Dr. Ken replied, “You're fat!”

“But I barely eat,” said the patient.

Dr. Ken replied, “The only thing fatter than you are your lies.”

The scene has angered viewers, and now the Obesity Action Coalition is blasting Dr. Ken, calling for the show "to remove fat-shaming content.”  

They say the sitcom "is treating the disease of obesity as a joke... Which it most certainly is not. This disease is no laughing matter."

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Not many people realize that Dr. Ken is actually a doctor in real life. He's a graduate of Duke University and the medical school at the University of North Carolina.  He’s most known for his role in The Hangover movies.   

In a tweet, Jeong said, “We cut that scene from the pilot months ago. I promise you that scene will not air on the pilot.”

The rest of that scene addressed Type 2 diabetes and its dangers. “I'm a [bleeping]  doctor. I kinda know what I'm doing. Very unfortunate the scene was shown out of context,” said Jeong.

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