Butcher Learns He is Owed $400,000 From Life Insurance Policy He Didn't Even Know Existed

INSIDE EDITION tracked down Scott Langbauer, 40, and revealed he has $401,982 waiting for him from his late father's life insurance policy.

A D.C.-area butcher has discovered he is owed nearly half a million dollars from a life insurance policy he didn't even knew existed.

Scott Langbauer, 40, was shocked to find out he has $401,982 waiting for him from his late father’s life insurance policy. His dad passed away in 2003.

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The astonishing discovery was part of INSIDE EDITION’s campaign to help people find unclaimed funds in long-forgotten bank accounts or safety deposit boxes across the country.

“You've got to be kidding me,” Langbauer said when INSIDE EDITION gave him the good news while he worked at the Westover Supermarket in Arlington. “Are you serious? How did this happen?”

INSIDE EDITION's Lisa Guerrero and Virginia State Treasurer Manju Ganeriwala presented him with the good news. There was even a marching band on hand to congratulate Langbauer.

“Scott, let me tell you how delighted I am we found you,” Ganeriwala told him. “This is life insurance proceeds that belongs to you.”

Piles of unclaimed treasures are locked inside the State Treasurer’s vault in Richmond, Virginia. In total, there is $1.7 billion waiting to be claimed – sometimes in the form of jewelry or family heirlooms.

INSIDE EDITION went to Alexandria, Virginia and, with the help of Vicki Bridgeman from the State Treasurer’s Office, helped passersby find out if they had hidden treasures.

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One woman came up empty at first - before checking for her mother’s name and discovering a long-forgotten IRA account worth $4,500.

“Oh my goodness!” she said. “Oh wow!”

Others weren’t quite so lucky. One passerby walked away with just 96 cents.

The INSIDE EDITION "Hidden Treasure" limo, provided by Nationwide Chauffeured Services, will be traveling across the country all September to help viewers find out if they have unclaimed treasures. 

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