Stephen Colbert's Big 'Late Show' Debut Almost Didn't Air

Stephen Colbert had a 'funny story' when he mentioned that his big 'Late Show' debut almost didn't happen.

Stephen Colbert's successful Late Show debut almost didn't make it to the air.

On Wednesday night, the new host started his second show by explaining that the program experienced a technical glitch just minutes ahead of its opening night.

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“It took us a while to cut the show down to time and then when we tried to send it to the network, so they can show it to you on-air, the computers kept crashing," he explained.

“At 11:20, this is all true, no one in the building could give me a guarantee that the show was going to go on the air last night."

He added: “You can imagine how exciting that was for all of us after CBS plastered my face on nearly every flat surface on the planet."

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One moment viewers didn't get to see during his debut show was when Jeb Bush imitated Donald Trump. The bonus clip was edited out of the broadcast for time but has just been posted on The Late Show website.

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