Meet the Fearless Fisherwoman Who Swims at Sharks While Hunting in the Ocean

Veteran fisherwoman Kimi Werner reveals her brave techniques on a new Discovery series 'Pacific Warriors.'

This fearless fisherwoman free dives to the depths of the ocean – and even sharks can’t stop her from making monster catches.

“When I see a shark, my tendency is to swim at that shark,” Kimi Werner says.

Werner stars in a new Discovery Channel series, Pacific Warriors, which airs next month. INSIDE EDITION has an exclusive look at the show, which follows a group of brave fishermen in the clear waters of Hawaii.

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Unlike the other fishermen or women, Werner goes straight to the source by free diving to depths of 150 feet.

She explains: “Though being brave is part of the job, having an appropriate amount of fear and trepidation is healthy, and is what keeps me alive.

"It reminds me that I’m really so small and humbled in this big ocean. I think the people who forget that are the ones who end up in danger.”

The fishermen catch fish weighing more than 100 pounds and one fresh catch can reel in as much as $1,500 – but that’s hard-earned cash amid tough competition.

Some catch fish with nothing more than a pole and their bare hands, while others haul their prizes into small sea kayaks.

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The fishermen are regularly taken on what they call “Hawaiian Sleigh Rides” – where huge fish drag them as far as 10 miles out to sea. And of course, they have the sharks to contend with.

One fishermen said: “Every time I go out there I know I put myself in a situation where I could die.”

Check out their adventures when Pacific Warriors premieres on Friday, October 23 at 10pm on the Discovery Channel.

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