Identical Twin Sisters Are Married to Identical Twin Brothers, All Live in One House

Brothers Doug and Phil Malm and their wives Jill and Jena headed back to the Twins Festival where they wed in 1993.

A set of identical twin sisters who married a set of identical twin brothers returned to the Twins Festival where they wed 22 years ago.

Phil and Doug Malm married sisters Jena and Jill back in 1993 at the festival. 

Both couples now each have one child and they all live under one roof in the same house in Moscow, Idaho.

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The men, now 58, and the women, now 48, celebrated their anniversary at the annual Twins Festival in Twinsburg, Ohio this weekend - and all four wore the same outfit.

They were joined by hundreds of other sets of twins at the event.

The city hosts the largest gathering of twins in the world and there were plenty of double takes at this year’s event - the 40th annual festival.

Twins at the annual gathering dress up in costume like Melanie and Rachel who went as Princess Leia from Star Wars. 

The festival welcomes twins from all over the world, including these sisters from Venezuela.

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