Jessica Alba Defends Honest Company After Lawsuits: 'We're Committed to Being Safe'

The actress' company has been hit with two lawsuits that claim its sunscreen is ineffective.

Jessica Alba has defended her Honest Company, saying it is committed to making safe, effective products.

The actress' company faces a $5 million lawsuit that claims its sunscreen is "ineffective" and her products, which are labeled "natural", allegedly contain "synthetic additives.”

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Speaking to Good Morning America on Thursday, the Sin City star said: “I created The Honest Company to give people access to safe and effective products and we are committed at The Honest Company to make sure that we use the safest and most effective ingredients.”

Her company is currently valued at a whopping $2 billion.

Earlier in the summer, customer Lindsy Marshall posted a photo to Instagram after using Alba's Honest Company sunscreen, saying: “Second time I’ve tried this stuff and got fried.”

Some customers say Alba's sunscreen doesn't work because it may not contain enough of the chemicals that block out the sun.

A mom complained: “I will never use your sunscreen again. After applying it liberally every hour, my baby girl is burnt. Not happy!”

Alba took INSIDE EDITION behind the scenes at Honest Company in 2012. She said her products have none of the toxic chemicals found in the big brands.

“The toxic chemicals that they use in these products are linked to things like cancer, and ADHD,” she said.

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Alba was on the cover of Forbes magazine in June. 

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