College Graduate Pays Off His Campus Parking Tickets... 40 Years Later

It took Kent Broyhill over 40 years to pay off his University parking tickets.

A college student is finally getting around to paying off his campus parking tickets - more than 40 years after he graduated.

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Kent Broyhill graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 1974 and was supposed to pay off the fines before he could collect his diploma.

“It wasn’t like I collected dozens or hundreds of them,” Broyhill told The Lincoln Journal Star. “I had several - it was a handful - from trying to find a place to park or maybe staying at a meter too long.”

When he went to the campus police station to pay them off, the officer told him they would only accept cash and not a check - but the student had no money on him.

The officer gave him a break and told him to pay the tickets as soon as he could. Broyhill was able to collect his diploma and went on with his life, never paying the debt.

But Broyhill said he only remembered the debts when he was speaking to an old college buddy.

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“I can’t remember how many tickets I had, or what I owed, so I got out my checkbook and sent (UNL) $100. I promised I would pay them. It was the right thing to do,” he said.

Broyhill said he learned from his English professor at the university that no matter how long it takes, one should always follow through on a commitment and do the right thing.

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